Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Books, Books, oh how I love you!

I love the way that books can take you to places you have never been and introduce you to people you have never met! I have never been to New York, but I love how the busy streets can be the perfect background for the setting of so many romantic and dangerous stories.
* Below is a tid bit of a story I have rolling around the back of my head, let me know what you think so far...

Quiet city streets wet with rain and the smell of wet cement hanging in the air, I walked slowly my mind wondering on the events of the day. What a strange thing to see a man killed in broad daylight, stranger still was that no one else seemed to see it and he was gone before I could rush over to wear his blood smeared body had been. Maybe I was working too hard and imagined the whole thing? But now I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me. I rounded the corner and heard a crash of wooden boxes down the ally in front of me. I slowed my walk and cautiously continued forward. Suddenly a screech like nails on a chalk board rang out and I froze. An Ice cold chill ran up my spine as I heard someone walking briskly towards my back. I felt paralyzed, the image of the man going down in the street clutching his wounded chest flashed again through my mind. Suddenly a man burst forth from the alley and lifted a weapon towards me. Closing my eyes I heard the shot. The thud behind me caused me to jerk open my eyes and look back. A lump of something smoking was heaped a foot behind me something shiny and sharp laying on the ground, haven fallen from the attackers hand. I turned back to thank the man and was startled at how close he now was to me. He was standing almost over me, seemingly making sure I wasn't hit. I looked into his and saw his royal blue eyes shimmering with a silver lining around them. His dark hair falling into his lashes he pushed back with his strong hand. Noticing my stare, the corner of his mouth went up into a cocky smile.

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